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Hossein Honarvar Sam AghBayat Sajad Zarei Milad Farhanchi Baradaran Behrouz Babakhani


This paper is about behavior assessment of moment frames with CFT composite columns under seismic loads, knowing of their behavior, and also how to determine their behavior coefficient. For this purpose, structures with this type of composite columns in three different types with different stories (4 story, 8 story and 12 story) and with 5 span are considered. Variables are the lengths of the spans and the height of the structure. These structures analyzed using Opensees software and applying dead, live and earthquake loads by nonlinear dynamic time-history analysis and structural analysis results are presented with consideration of seven different earthquake records. Finally, the responses of maximum shear force and the maximum bending moment which were formed in the column and floors of structure by applied loads are compared and the behavior coefficient is also analyzed in this study. The results show that the value of shear force, bending moment and behavior coefficient of structure change with the deformation of the sections, for example, the shear force obtained in the model with elliptic sections is less than that of other models.

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CFT composite columns, Dynamic time-history analysis, Shear force, Behavior coefficient of structure

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