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Mohammad Talebi Hamid Bakhtiari Zahra Bakhtiari


This research studies the microstructure of the 8006 alloys (AlFeMn), which is transformed into sheets and foils with different thicknesses during rolling. The 8006 alloys are mostly manufactured through a two roller casting process. The microstructure of the sheets produced by this method is fine and suitable. The chemical formula of the alloy includes 1.2%-2% Fe, 0.3%-1% Mn and a maximum of 0.3% Si. The experiments confirm the presence of iron, manganese, and silicon compounds in the 8006 alloy structure during casting and rolling. A scanning electron microscopy and EDS analysis were employed to examine the intermetallic compounds, and it was determined that the particles in the intermetallic compounds of AlFeMn in foils are smaller than the particles of these compounds in sheets.

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8006 Alloy, Ternary System of AlFeMn, Intermetallic Compounds, Two Roller Casting

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