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Zeinab Ghazi Reihane Rahimi Karo Naghshi


In this paper, the nonlinear predictive controller is used to improve the performance of the remote operating system. In a remote operating system Master and Slave are considered which are also limited in the movement of their joints. In the same previous control methods, the remote operating system is assumed to be linear, or the controller is designed by linearizing the nonlinear system. In this paper, the control of the nonlinear remote operating system with three degrees of freedom is considered with the use of a nonlinear predictor controller. In this structure, applying the law of control must be such that the manipulator of the Slave accurately traces the position of the Master's manipulator. In order to allow comparison, the performance of the remote operating system in the presence of the predictive controller and PD controller based on the Lyapunov function has been investigated and evaluated. Considering the advantages of using predictive control methods, it seems logical to use these methods in remote operating systems and, as the simulation results confirm the accuracy of this claim, the Slave's position, tracks the Master's position well, with variable time delay in the transmission channel.

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Electrical Engineering