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Mohsen Ali Shayanfar Danial Sobhani Mohammad Bigonah Behrouz Babakhani


Reinforcement inside the concrete is protected from corrosion and its damages until several years after the construction. After corrosion initiation, the Cross Section of Reinforcement begins to reduce and often load bearing of the reinforced concrete structure will be reduced significantly. Making an analytical model which considers the effects of corrosion that often occurs in reinforcement on concrete beams and columns and simulation of the accredited model for nonlinear finite element analysis with higher order solid element and advance shell element is one of the other objectives of this thesis, via in programs written in MATLAB software. In attachment we do it.

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Reinforced Concrete Structure, Corrosion of Reinforcement, Flexural Capacity, Shear Capacity, Axial Capacity

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Shayanfar, M. A., Sobhani, D., Bigonah, M., & Babakhani, B. (2018). Simulation and Evaluation of Corrosion Effects on the Reduction of Column Capacity. Mapta Journal of Architecture, Urbanism and Civil Engineering (MJAUCE), 1(3), 34-45.