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Danial Sobhani Sajad Zarei Hamidreza Savoj MohsenAli Shayanfar


Corrosion of reinforcements in RC structures by changing the properties of concrete and steel, causing various damages in these structures, which ignoring it can lead to early destruction of the structure, in addition to causing various damages. In present research, considering the types of corrosion mechanisms of reinforcement in concrete, the negative effects of corrosion on mechanical properties and cross-section of reinforcement, as well as on cracking and strength reduction of concrete have been studied. Then moment-curvature analysis of section is performed to provide plastic hinges in nonlinear analysis of concrete frames exposed to corrosion. For this purpose, the beam sections with different percentages of reinforcement are analyzed in non-corrosion and under different corrosion rates. The major results of this research and of similar analyzes are namely the reduction in final moment and the change in final curvature of RC sections due to the severe corrosion of reinforcement.

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Civil Engineering