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Cyrus Jedari Masumeh Farahani


Pore fluid chemistry plays an important role in physical and mechanical behaviour of clayey soils. In the present study, physical and index tests were performed along with series of one-dimensional consolidation tests to evaluate the effect of two organic fluids including kerosene and gas oil as contaminant, on the behaviour of clayey soil. Kaolinite and montmorillonite were used as the base soils in the tests. Three different weight percentages of contaminants (3%, 6% and 9%) were used in sample preparation. The samples were prepared with two relative compactions of 70% and 90% and one-dimensional consolidation tests performed to investigate the compressibility behaviour of the contaminated soils. Results show the increase in compressibility of contaminated clay due to the change in chemical characteristics of pore fluid. Also as a consequence of higher chemical activity, the diffuse double layer thickness increases in contaminated clays, while the consolidation rate parameters including consolidation coefficient and permeability decrease with higher contaminant percentage.

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Civil Engineering