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Mohsen Ali Shayanfar Hossein Honarvar Sam Agh-Bayat Sajad Zarei Seyed Mohammad Hossein Farnia


This study is regarding assessment of behavior of moment frames with CFT composite columns under seismic loadings and knowing their behavior. For this purpose, structures with this type of composite columns with three different section types with different quantity of stories (4, 8 and 12 stories) and with 5 spans are considered. Variables are span's length and structure height. These structures are analyzed using Opensees software and applying of dead, live and earthquake loading by nonlinear analysis methods and results of structure analysis are presented considering 7 different earthquake records. Finally, average values and highest displacement response and structure rotation with different quantity of stories and under applied loads with consideration of different earthquake records are assessed and compared.

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CFT composite columns, displacement response, rotational response, nonlinear analysis

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Shayanfar, M. A., Honarvar, H., Agh-Bayat, S., Zarei, S., & Farnia, S. M. H. (2019). Assessment of seismic responses of CFT composite columns with different section forms in short-height and moderate-height moment frames. Mapta Journal of Architecture, Urbanism and Civil Engineering (MJAUCE), 2(1), 25-38.